Gold Reef City Theme Park

This is a fun-filled, exciting, and adventurous day tour for the whole family. With a multitude of experiences from 3D movies and a world-class casino to an exhilarating theme park and gold mine tour, this is an outing not to be missed.


Make sure to look out for:

The Anaconda: The only inverted roller coaster in the world, built by the designer company Giovanola, and is currently the record holder for the fastest and tallest roller coaster in Africa.

The Tower of Terror: This is a vertical drop roller coaster, featuring a drop of 47 meters, and a pull out which features a positive G Force of 6.3 G’s.

The UFO: Goes at speeds of 50KM per hour

Gold Reef City Museum: Find out about the rich heritage of the gold mining history of the Witwatersrand, and discover many interesting facts that you never knew before.


Please Note: No refunds can be given due to inclement weather, or mechanical failure on amusement rides.

(This tour includes a tour of the gold mine).


The park opens at 09H30 and closes at 17H00. All luxury transfers can be arranged to meet your needs accordingly.


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